i love myself the way i love you

Losing someone is a fortune too, hang in there, you'll get through it. 

They said losing someone/something/everything precious to us also considered as fortune. People come and go in my whole life but letting go someone's precious to us is never be easy. 

If I could say this kind of fortune tastes like dark chocolate. It's bitter, even at some point we get used to it, doesn't change the fact that dark chocolate has bitter taste. 

Everyday feels like i am being chocked and breathless. I feel the pain. It hurts. It's so damn hurts but nothing i can do. I cried nights and days. Hope at some point my feeling going numb. Hope at some point my tears dry on their own. 

I dont even cry when i eat dark choco, this fortune is so bitter that i can't hold my tears. 

Is this even a fortune? If it's a fortune, can i choose the tasty one? Is it because an adults don't deserve a spoon of sucrose in our dark choco. 

To be honest, it feels like i am at an intersection chewing that dark choco. Don't know how exactly i suppose to react or feel? I feel sad but happy enough to realize that i'm quiet thoughtful of other's feeling, i got my way out. They call it process maturity or stuff. 

Did i pass? i don't know, but i'm sure i'm trying my best this whole time. 

In this process, one thing get to my mind, i think it must be nice if i love myself the way i love you. I bet it would be a sucrose to my dark choco. 

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