The Constitution History and Key Features of USA

May 1787 every states sent their representative to attend the Constitutional Convention except Rhode Island which still fought to get their independence from Britain. Constitutional Convention was made by thirteen colonies for two main reason, that are economic freedom and religious freedom. For the people from all colonies monarch was doomed, by the time Constitutional  Convention was agreed by the Britain and they became independence. For the first step, they began estabilish their political traditions, which based on liberty principle.
By the 1700, those thirteen colonies had start to fought for freedom, they had created a pattern across the thirteen colonies as follows; The executive branch, The legislative branch, and write the constitution. When the situation being more serious because of seven years wars, finally King issued a proclamation reserving the new territories for native Americans, which answered the self-government for America’s demand. On 4 July 1776, the rights of indepencence was issued, and did two things. Fisrt is to identified the right to which all people were entitled and the purpose of the government. The second is to listed twenty-sevem examples of the British Government, especially the King, abusing its power, which, in turn, justified the revolution. Eventhough thirteen colonies had to developed their own political cultures, by the 1787 the leaders from each colonies had also to developed their general political cultures which all of the concept exhibit the liberalian point of view. So, they encourage the business and restricted the government, they proclaim low tax-economy based on robust individualism. These articles of confideration certainly ensured that the government could not interfene in the affairs of thirteen states or oppress its people, but they also ensured to the government do the little things to resolve problem facing the country. But, a border dispute on Maryland and Virginia in 1785 exhibited the need for greater coordination between the States. So, they start to make a Covention held in Annapolis, to ensure the effective mechanism to dealing some disputes, then reviewed in Philadhelpia, which follows; delegates from at least seven of thirteen states had to be present for each meeting, the discussion would have to use private principle, every state had has one vote to prove the dealing, a simple majority was required for all decisions, and the last the result of the discussion will ratified when once nine of all states was agreed. This mechanism start to be used on 25 May 1787.
Surely, to reach the consensus in every discussion had no flawless way. Foe example, when they shared a political culture, there were two main areas of disagreement and make a bitter debate, that were follow by:
1.      Big state vs small state
The representatives of small state here is New Jersey and for the Big States is Virginia. Small state was unaccepted the big state’s proposal, which may two chamber of legislature whose were elected by the people with wide rangin power and they may have the strong executive whose choosen by the legislature, and made the national judiciary which appointed by the legislatur. They think that the legislature would make some important decision, and the legislatre would be dominated by representatives of the big states because they they have largest population. So, small states give the proposal which every point was the opposite of the big state’s proposal was given, and the debate facing the deadlock for much of the summer of 1987.
2.      Slavery
Delegates from northern states which presented by Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island wanted all slaves to be counted for taxation purpose but not for the legislature, but the southern states didn’t agree the proposal because one third of the people if the southern states was enslaved Africans. The discussion facing the deadlock for a long time. On 17 September 1787 the conventions looks like impossible to make a deal. Besides, the European nations were growing to strength for the territorial ambition. For the Americans there’s no way to face the European except try to survive except work together.
There were any other bitter debate and massive propaganda campaign to make the Constitutional could become law between the people who agree with federalis and anti- federalis. Thomas Jefferson as a representatives of anti-federalist whose exspressed the five following argument; a strong executive, a strong legislature, separation of powers is not resriscted enough, representation could only be effective when the government was close and understood the people, and state’s rights would erode over time as a strong national government would inevitably accumulate power at the expense of the states. Meanwhile, Alexander Hammilton as a representatives from federalis express the argument that the nation would not be able to survive without a national government and that that government had to be given sufficient power to be effective, but James Madison agreed with Hamilton that national government need enough power to be effective but face retriction that stop it from becoming tyrannical. By 1888 it become clear and retificated because of the bill of right was added.
Federalism was intended to ensure that the majority of the decisions affecting the dialy life would be taken by the people from the local community who could best appreciate the needs and wishes of that community and would be accountable to that community. Meanwhile, Separation of powers was intended to ensure that the three main roles of the three main roles of ccentral government would be carried out by different group of people, again to avoid the concentration of power. The last is, cheks and balance were built into the constitution to ensure that the powers of the three branches of the government didn’t drift from one another.
The hard way to get the Constitution become law is to prove the purpose of the America which now is known as purpose of the constitution, that is: form a closer union between the states, estabilish justice, provide effective defence, and ensure liberty. Besides that, to counter act their ambition they should the people was protected from their government, protect the people from themselves, protecting the interest of the states, then protect the constitution, protect the specific rights: The Bill of Rights, and the last is by keeping the constitution up to date.
So then, the debate of the constitusion have has over wether the goal of securing the freedom and equality for all has finally been achieved continous to be fiercely argued.

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