Is Race Tighten In 2017 Kenyan General Election?

Polling station at nairobi. Pict credit to UPI

The world is now watching on 2017 Kenyan general election. Despite on worrying result of GE, violence feared over the result, although the process of general election itself was carried peacefully.

Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga were compete for 2017 Kenyan general election. As you may know, Uhuru Kenyatta comes from Kikuyu, an ethnic grup that has supplied three president since Kenyan independence in 1963.

Meanwhile Raila Odinga comes from Luo people in western Kenya, that area has been long left by government.

Why did violence feared over the result in Kenyan General Election?

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Still fresh in our memory, the insident of violence a decade ago. When 2007 elections provoked clashes between etchnic group and caused at least 1.200 people died and 600.000 were displaced.

In 29th december  orange democratic movement declared a victory for Odinga, yet on 30th december electoral comission of Kenya declared that Kibaki won the election. The announcement of Kibaki's victory caused protest from opposition that in no time become insident of violence.

It left unclear story about what exactly happened next, but then reported that on January 1st, 2008 church in nothern Eldoret district was burned to the ground. It's a horrific accident since 17 people burned alive, 11 dying, and 59 others were injured. Most of them are Kikuyu's.

The story continue, reported that in the evening of friday on January 24th, 2008 big group of Kikuyu men came to chief's area. They chopped and cut off someone's head, and even burned a house that belong to Luo.

Brutality in this country is due to socio economic devides among ethnic group and negligence of people's trust on its government.

2017 Kenyan General Election

Compare to 2013 general election, today's election carried peacefully with few technical glitches. Most Kenyan also dont want to see and experience violence that nearly happened on 2007.

To avoid potential clashes, police and troops has deployed to the areas believed has high risk of turning violent, to prevent if there's perception that vote has been manipulated evolve after electoral announcement.

"If there's something wrong we would rather go to judiciary than fighting," said voters.

Yet right after polling station opened, hundreds of voters discovered their name were not registered, also one polling station which has mixed up its password for a neighboring unit has causing delays.

Meanwhile in Kisumu and Mombasa, third and second largest city in Kenya were quiet in recent days because many resident were left the city. Shops were closed and roads were empty.

Many people believe that Kenya now is in a bombshell, while others trust the election is going to be peaceful and gone smoothly.

How race decide electoral result?

To be continue LOL.. i need to read more and even more and more and more..


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