Hi guyss..

How are you? I'm very happy lately. Let me tell you a story of mine. My loyal reader who gave your time to read my blog post probably knows what had happened in 2017-2019. It's a hard time for me. It is still fresh in my memory how my life has no single light. Tears have never stopped falling and how my eyes magically didn't even suffer from drought. lol. 

It is still fresh, the wound will never heal, but you know? it's not as hurt as it used to. 

So, last year I made up my mind to start everything over again. I know, I messed up once. Yes, yes, I questioned myself too, do I deserve all of this? the chance to fix everything but in the end, I choose to be thick skin and start running my plan. 

I registered to different Uni, got good scores, didn't even shed tears for the hurtful memories of mine, had some fun while taking my holiday, and got some funding for my research. Don't you think it's too magical? 

Still believe i don't deserve to be happy, but I'm enjoying this warm and happy feeling. I feel bad and thankful for myself. So, to myself, even if you think you don't deserve to be happy, i hope you enjoy everything that happened in your life, from trivial to grand. It will be as bumpy as before, but i hope you enjoy your journey now. Love yourself more. Thank you, Va, for giving yourself a chance. 

As for you, i know you still digging at my blog, i will never forgive you, not until my last breath, but if you plan to fix this messy past, all you can do is keep idle and do not ever try to get in touch with me. It's a big help. If you feel uneasy then bring that feeling to your grave. I'll be happy if you do that. 

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